Gerard Casey: La Irlanda sin estado

Se ha publicado la discusión del filósofo Gerard Casey sobre la anarquía de Irlanda: “Reflections on Legal Polycentrism” (PDF 241 KB):

“Irish society in the historic period up to the 17th century constitutes one of the best examples of a functioning anarchic society. Irish law was the product of a body of private and professional jurists (called brithim or brehons) and was flexible and capable of development to response to evolving social conditions. Law was a (largely) family business, enjoying high status. It is important to note that Irish law did not distinguish between what we now distinguish as tort and criminal law, in this respect resembling most systems of customary law that seem to come late, if at all, to this distinction. From the point of view of traditional law, crimes against the person tend to be regarded a special kind of offence against property”. Más>>

Vía: Roderick T. Long.



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  1. Caríssimo Jorge V.,muito obrigado pela referencia.Guilherme

  2. EL PDF ha desaparecido de la red, ni el cache de google lo tiene. ¿Lo habrás guardado Jorge? no lo llegué a leer completo antes de desaparecer.Saludos.

  3. Te lo envío por mail 😉

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