AnarcoCapitalismo en Wikipedia

Ayer apareció en Wikipedia, como artículo del día, el AnarcoCapitalismo (via Blog):

“Anarcho-capitalism is a socio-economic ideology based on the idea of individual sovereignty (or “self-ownership”), an unlimited right to private property, and a prohibition against initiatory coercion and fraud, with contracts between sovereign individuals being the basis of law. From this is derived a rejection of the state (an entity claiming a territorial monopoly on the use of force) and the embrace of absolute laissez-faire capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists would protect individual liberty and property by replacing a government monopoly that is involuntarily funded through taxation, with private and competing businesses…” Más>>

Wikipedia también ofrece una definición más extensa.

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  1. Por otro lado la definición en la versión en español es bastante parca:

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